HMI Solutions for Medical and Healthcare Applications


HMI Solutions for Medical and Healthcare Applications

The Membrane Keyboard Company Ltd designs and manufactures custom HMI solutions specifically for the Medical and Healthcare sectors.

Our products are deployed into a range of UK and international settings such as A&E Departments, Operating Theaters, Nurse Call equipment, Patient
Monitoring and Emergency Response.

Working with our customers to identify the most suitable solution for their patients, our market expertise allows us to offer unique differentiators including:

Integrated Capacitive Touch, Resistive Touch or Proximity Sensing technology

Anti-Microbial Materials

Chemical Resistant Materials

Wipeable / Cleanable

IP rated

The above can be combined to enhance our standard offerings of:

Flexible Membrane Keypads

PCB Membrane Keyboards

Silicone Rubber Keypads

Graphic Overlays & Labels

Touchscreens & Displays

Housings, Enclosures & Backplates

Electro, Mechanical & Full Build Assembly

Design, Development,Prototype, Low, Medium and High Volume


Our latest e-card focusing on Medical HMI Solutions is now available to download below:

MKC-Medical HMI Solutions

Flexible Membrane Keypad
Flexible Membrane Keypad