UK & Far East Holiday Update

The coming months will see holiday closures in both the UK and Far East. With Brexit looming and the ongoing COVID situation, it has never been more important to ensure your supply chain remains fluid.

Talk to us to discuss your upcoming requirements. We run blanket and scheduled orders, stock holding, kanban, just in case, just in time and e-ban systems to make our customers lives easier.

Please factor in the following dates to your order planning:

MKC UK 2020/21 Holiday Dates:

Close 22/12/20

OpenĀ  4/1/21

During this period all UK & Offshore sales,design and manufacturing will cease.

MKC Offshore 2020/21

Close 4/2/21

Open 18/2/21

During this period all Offshore design and manufacturing will cease but there will be limited access to quoting systems.

If you need further assistance, please contact or dan@membrane-keyboards.comĀ