UK & Far East Holiday Dates Confirmed For 2019/2020

Christmas and the Far East New Year is on the horizon so now is the time to plan ahead to avoid getting caught out with line stops and delayed deliveries!

Our closedown dates are as follows:

MKC UK Holiday Dates:

Christmas and New Year 2019 – Last shipping date and close at 1230pm on 20/12/19. Factory re-opens 0800am on 2/1/20.

MKC Offshore Holiday Dates:

New Years Day 1/1/20

Spring Festival 17/1/20 until 1/2/20

Tomb Sweeping Day 4/4/20 until 6/4/20

Labour Holiday 1/5/20 until 3/5/20

Dragon Boat Festival 25/6/20 until 27/6/20

Mid Autumn Festival * National Day 1/10/20 until 7/10/20