Some Of Our Favourite Products From January 2020

January was an unusually busy month for everyone at MKC.

Please take a look at some of our favorite products from January 2020 which have been manufactured in our Fareham,UK, factory. 

Polycarbonate Insulating Layers which may not be pretty,however, these FR rated formed covers protect some very expensive electronics. We produce these in the 1000’s on our platen press and they are used within the power management sector.

MembraneKeypad with various colour single point LEDs supplied fitted to a metal back plate. This is a prototype which will form the HMI of an in car control panel assembly.

PCB based MembraneKeyboard where the customer has used a 1.6mm thick FR4 PCB for both circuity and as a backplate with fitted LEDs, components and studs. This is a first pass sample which we hope will be moving to volume manufacture shortly.

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