Silicone Rubber Keymats

All our Silicone Rubber Keymats and Silicone Rubber Keyboards are custom manufactured to your exact requirements. We supply in low, medium and high volume plus we offer free samples when ordering tooling.

  • Product specific shore hardness, key travel and operational force.
  • Range of colours achieved by base material or paint.
  • Embedded tactile response via Mylar, Rubber, metal domes or fitted dome array.
  • Laser etched for key location in backlit applications.
  • Screen printing
  • Plastic key tops to improve durability and life cycle.
  • Epoxy cured key tops for resilience between user and key.
  • Fitted Polyester Circuit (PET) or Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC).
  • Membrane, PCB or Panel mounted.
  • Box Built.