Integrated Display Solutions

MKC can offer custom or catalogue displays as component items or assembled as part of complete interface solution. MKC offer a wide range of LCDs, from colour TFT to newer technologies such as OLED.

If you’re looking to develop Graphical and Touch input for a front panel user interface, we can integrate a graphic co-processor within the display or front panel electronics for smaller colour TFT’s such as 3.5″ and 4.3″ diagonal. High level drawing and button handling commands for buttons and sliders are then used to create your display graphics.

This is particularly suited to applications where a touchscreen or small colour display can be used to update traditional mechanical key or rotary control inputs. This approach is suited to smaller displays in QVGA and WQVGA resolution.

Typical example sizes below:

3.2″ 240 x 400 pixels (portrait).

3.5″ 320 x 240 pixels

4.3″ 480 x 272 pixels

4.7″ 320 x 240 pixels


*On display Graphics Co-processor.

*Touchpanel & Button handling handled by GPU.

*Local Audio decoder plays sound effects or files.

*Fast SPI (30Mhz max) or I2c 4 wire serial interface Reduced overhead for Host.

*Micro, ideal for 8bit processors Buttons and sliders drawn by GPU.

*Compressed JPEG image data decoding with GPU.

*Vector drawing for shape creation.

*Character fonts and sizing with precise positioning.

*LCD Backlight brightness control.

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