Backlit Membrane Keypads

Backlit Membrane Keypads

Create full & selective backlighting by incorporating Side Firing LEDs into a flexible Membrane Keypad.

Ideal for light sensitive environments and applications where consistent diode emission is required for prolonged periods of time. Low operating temperature & power consumption, long life cycle and full customization make embedded LEDs an increasingly popular backlighting solution.

Custom Designed

Lighting Source:

Side Firing LED

Recommended Circuit:

Flexible Polyester (PET) or Flexible Kapton (FPC)

No limits on X & Y dimensions. Maximum thickness 1mm

Shared characteristics with standard Membrane Keypads

Range of LED colours including white, blue ,red, orange,green,yellow plus bi-colour and tri-colour combinations.

Embossed or Non Embossed

Tactile or Non Tactile

Full, gradient and selective backlighting options including switch positions.

Seemless backlighting, no shadow or witnessing from domes.

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